This is the spiritual bath experience you have been waiting for, dispensing medicinal herbs into a soak that is ultimately skin softening, deeply hydrating, luxurious, and indulgent.


Rose has the highest frequency and is the closest thing to love in tangible form. Paired with Hibiscus, it’s the perfect representation     of uplifting, delicate beauty.



It is rich in skin loving fatty acids that will plump your skin and make it feel smooth and silky.



Both are beneficial for relaxation and muscle recovery. Dead Sea Salt provides 21 minerals, including more concentrated bio-available magnesium into the body, creating an intense and longer-lasting effect. 


  • Vegan
  • 0 THC
  • Gluten Free
  • non-GMO

Botanica // 250 mg CBD Milk Bath

  • Start by filling tub with warm water. Open CBD  Milk Bath, pour it in, and let dissolve. Sprinkle in Bath Tea. Optional Bath Tea bag included. Use to avoid cleaning up flower petals after your soak. Take your time, put on relaxing music, and enjoy at least 30 minutes of full body relaxation. Stay hydrated before and after you soak to stave off any lightheadedness.