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A DIVINE BEARD DERSERVES A SMOOTH RAZOR GLIDE. Osird has everything you need to lather up in a convenient shave bar. Shea Butter provides longer-lasting moisture to help your beard look thicker and healthier overtime. 100 mg of Transdermal CBD is an incredibly effective ingredient, providing powerful antioxidative and  anti-inflammatory benefits.





Each order comes with a UTILITY KIT TRIO:

  1. Small, light weight, Boar bristle shaving brush with wooden handle
  2. Natural Cellulose fiber facial sponge (Ships compressed, wet thoroughly to expand before use.)
  3. Mini exfoliating loofah pad (Wet thoroughly before use.)

Osird // 100 mg CBD Shave Bar with Vessel

Out of Stock
    • Offers extra glide, lubrication, and protection to the skin from irritation and razor burn.
    • CBD reduces inflammation after shaving
    • Reduces the occurence of ingrown hairs and razor bumps
    • Removes the natural oil from whiskers and skin, providing the means for water to more thoroughly penetrate these facial hairs.
    • When whiskers are more hydrated, the razor is able to cut them without pulling.
    • Travel friendly, solid soap
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