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How did you sleep last night? Rest assured you will have better sleep after your soak. Sacred Sandalwood is known to have the ability to calm the mind. This CBD Sleep bath bomb is your go-to for releasing that negative energy before bed, so you feel more positive when you wake up. Being intentional about winding-down is essential to extending the duration of sleep. Melt away the day and settle into the night. Some may experience a natural, subtle sedative to the body during use.

Rest Assured // 300 mg CBD Sleep Bath Bomb

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  • Start by filling your tub with warm water. Unwrap your Lux Medi Rx CBD Sleep bath bomb, drop it in, and let dissolve for a moment. Take your time, put on relaxing music, and enjoy the deep penetrating comfort.  Soak for at least 30 minutes for full body relaxation before bedtime, as needed.


    For the freshest experience, use your bath bomb within six months of purchasing.